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When buying or selling real estate, a lawyer ensures that your rights are protected. Hiring a solicitor to help you buy a house may seem like an extra, unnecessary charge, but you know there is a time and a place for them to fulfill their purpose. If you are looking for a real estate lawyer Toronto, Naqvi law is the best choice in Toronto city.


Real estate lawyer toronto


If you buy property in a city with a lawyer and buy it, you want to ensure that everything is done in accordance with local laws and regulations so that a lawyer can be a valuable resource.

There are a lot of things to look out for whether you are buying or selling a home/business, refinancing, your mortgage or transferring your title. Let the lawyers at Naqvi Law ensure your transaction goes as smoothly as possible. Naqvi law corporation has the best real estate lawyer toronto.

They assist with the drafting of contracts and legal documents, handle construction and development issues and attend your closing dates. You reduce the risks of buying a home and protect your best interests. Nabeel Naqvi, the founder of Naqvi law corporation, says he is on the market in Toronto and lawyers play an important role in any negotiations that take place before a real estate deal is signed.

Selling your home/business is no easy task. A good lawyer will make sure all outstanding mortgages and real estate and mortgage agent commissions are paid, utility companies are informed of the new owner and even deliver the keys. Contact us today to handle your sale file smoothly from beginning to end.


When buying a home/business or investment property you want to make sure the transaction goes as smoothly as possible. Reviewing your Purchase Agreement and discussing your Title Insurance options are a couple examples of why it’s important to work with a competent lawyer.


If you are looking to refinance your current mortgage or perhaps obtain a second mortgage to consolidate some debt, having legal knowledge will ensure you get the best deal. A good lawyer will check for encumbrances, any previously unknown mortgages on the property or pending litigation notices.